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Parish Groups

Pastoral Care

There is a Pastoral Care Team with parish members who conduct a monthly Communion Service in the four local nursing homes and St. Margaret's Hospital.  Members of this team and the Parish Priest also visit parishioners in hospital and at home.


Community Gardeners

A number of people, and some groups of people, have a plot in the Community Garden, where they enjoy growing their own vegetables and flowers.
This has proved very rewarding for many of the people involved, both with the gardening, and the social activity that often surrounds it.


Bede's Bazaar Volunteers

A very dedicated group of people help out in Bede's Bazaar on a regular basis.
Training is provided for all volunteers.

Parish Council

Parish Council is elected each year at the Annual Vestry Meeting.
Under the direction of the Parish Priest and the Wardens, members help to oversee the many tasks and planning of the running of the parish.


Fellowship and Fundraising

A number of people are involved in the planning and running of various social activities and outreach activities through the year.
Many of these activities have assisted in raising money for the continued Life and Ministry at St. Bede's.


The choir has been part of St. Bede's for many years.
They sing regularly for the traditional services, and also assist with the contemporary services in a more informal setting.


Flowers and Sacristan (Worship Set-Up)

A wonderful group of people assist in preparing the Church for worship.
This involves preparing flowers, setting up the Altar, and preparing the sacraments.